About Us


We Offer the Whole Kit and Caboodle!

Here at Prestonwood Kennels, it isn’t just boarding we offer, but affordable pet grooming at our as well as training and pet daycare services, too! Whatever you’re after - whether it’s a vacation for your pooch or just somebody to look after your kitty for the day - you’ll find what you’re looking for at our Houston pet resort. We even offer specialty boarding for pets with unique temperaments, as well as for exotic pets!

When You Know Your Pet’s Relaxing, You Can Too!

Trust us - we know just how anxiety-inducing it can be to board your best friend - often, the worry is so great that it ends up playing on your mind the entire time you’re away, and can even ruin the entire experience! Our philosophy revolves around allaying those fears. We provide an unparalleled experience for your pets, pampering them and ensuring that by the time they leave, they’ll be itching to come back again in the future! Our Willowbrook resort is known all throughout Houston - if you take a look around for yourself, then you’ll see why.