Prestonwood dog boarding gives you the power of choice! 

Everyone has different needs and levels of pampering. With that in mind we offer multiple ways to board your dog at Prestonwood. Our kennel enclosures come in multiple sizes, provide different types of environments, and each comes with their own set of amenities.

Dog boarding in our standard enclosures is first rate in care and comfort

Our standard kennel enclosures are 4ft. x 8ft. indoors. Each enclosure is separated from its neighbor by privacy panels and dogs are rotated to an outdoor potty area 4 times a day.

The standard enclosure packages are sizable enough for two dog families and they work well with any of our activity packages.

All prices are per dog. 10% discount off the second dog in the same enclosure.

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First class luxury dog boarding with the V.I.P. treatment

Our V.I.P. suites are first class dog boarding, all the way! Each V.I.P. class kennel is fully enclosed with glass doors, large comfortable doggy beds, and televisions to help make your dog feel at home.

Dogs are rotated individually four times a day to an out door potty area. All of our V.I.P. suites can be combined with any of our activities to round out your dog’s stay with us.

Board your dog in luxury with the Executive Suite

The Executive Suite is an 8ft. x 8ft. room with doggy door access to a private 8ft. x 12ft. outdoor patio. The Executive Suite comes furnished with sliding glass doors, furniture, a television with cable access, and decorative wallpaper.

The Executive Suite is perfect for multiple-dog families and can be combined with any of our activity packages.

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Why Choose Prestonwood Kennels Pet Resort?

What really sets Prestonwood Kennels apart from other Houston Dog Kennels are the amenities that we offer for your dog’s stay.
Our property is set up with 1-acre play yards where your dog can enjoy supervised “off the leash” playtimes, splash around in our 18-inch, in-ground, beach style doggy pool, or just enjoy going for a walk around our beautiful property with a member of the Prestonwood Kennels team.

Treating You Like Family

Prestonwood Kennels dog boarding is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
We encourage all pet owners interested in what we offer to come and visit our pet resort at their leisure. Owers are always welcome to the back of our kennel or to help set their dogs up in their run. Our kennel is always clean and chemical free. We also offer a transportation service where we come to you for pickups and drop-offs.

Give us a call during operation hours at 281.890.9090 to make arrangements or make an online reservation.