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Build a Winning Attitude through Conformation Training

Conformation is the formal name for a "dog show".

While many of us watch dog shows for fun, they actually serve an important purpose in evaluating the degree of correctness of a dog's structure, musculature, and body proportions to each other. Dogs who represent a superior example of their breed will achieve an AKC Conformation Championship title . Earning a conformation title will increase the value of your dog for breeding as proof of your dog's superior breeding.

Prestonwood's Conformation class is given every Thursday night at 8 pm and taught by AKC Judge Marcy Spaulding! No need to sign-up or pre-register, simply show up and pay $20 at the class.

Before your dog starts showing, it is important to understand how a judge sees your dog. Conformation classes will equip you with the proper techniques for controlling speed and movement for a proper gait in the show ring. We will look at the overall appearance and attitude of your dog in comparison to the breed standard. We also teach "stacking", which is how your dog should stand for evaluating judge.

This is an opportunity to work with an AKC judge in preparation for a run at an AKC Championship Title!

No need to banish your best friend to the bedroom when guests arrive.

With good training you can trust your dog to respond reliably and predictably enhancing the bond and the cooperation between your dog, your family, and anyone else who comes into your dog’s life.

Busy Schedule?

No problem, you can board while you train!