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One Size Does Not Fit All

Available seasonally (around Spring Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas), this is a soothing and calm environment, so all of our potential Safari Room guests must be approved before checking in.

Prestonwood Kennels is dedicated to providing an appropriate environment for all the animals that board with us. We offer specialty dog boarding for dogs of a more “gentle” temperament: Safari Room.

Dogs staying in our Safari Room will need to be evaluated for their temperament. So call ahead and we will decide if this specialty suite is a good fit.

The Safari Room

The Safari Room is a tropical themed kennel. It is completely separated from the main boarding area. Most of our Safari Room Kennels are 4ft. x 4ft., but the enclosures can be adjust to variable sizes. We also provide options for outdoor access or supervised yard rotations 4 times a day.

The Safari Room is a great choice for smaller or older dogs in need of a quieter environment.


Why Choose Prestonwood Kennels Pet Resort?

What really sets Prestonwood Kennels apart from other Houston Dog Kennels are the amenities that we offer for your dog’s stay. Our property is set up with 1-acre play yards where your dog can enjoy supervised “off the leash” playtimes, splash around in our 18-inch, in-ground, beach style doggy pool, or just enjoy going for a walk around our beautiful property with a member of the Prestonwood Kennels team.

Treating You Like Family

Prestonwood Kennels dog boarding is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. We encourage all pet owners interested in what we offer to come and visit our pet resort at their leisure. Owers are always welcome to the back of our kennel or to help set their dogs up in their run. Our kennel is always clean and chemical free. We also offer a transportation service where we come to you for pickups and drop-offs.