Prestonwood Group Training!

Our training focuses on building a fun-filled bond with your pet with positive training techniques to secure lasting communication and great manners. This group obedience training class will meet at the Prestonwood facility.  Each 1 hour session is designed by certified, experienced dog trainers to educate the owners on and prepare the dog for the most critical topics that will influence their entire life.  At the end of our 6 week Obedience Class, your pup will also get a diploma saying they are a graduate of our training program!  

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Meet the Trainers

  • Nina Theriot
Nina Theriot• Over 3 years of experience in dog behavior.
• Certifications: In addition to her Catch Canine Trainer’s Academy certification, Nina holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology that helps dealing with dog owners and problem solving
• Positive approach to dog training.
• Special skills: dog behavior analysis and problem solving with positive approach dog training and dog owner educating. Educating kids about the dogs; working with fearful dogs to establish dog-to-dog or dog-to-people socialization. Educating expecting moms and dog prep training before the arrival of a newborn. Rescue work.

What to Bring:

  • Your dog
  • Harness / collar and leash
  • Treats (treats can be purchased here if needed)

 Terms and fees may apply to Cancellations, refunds, and reschedules. 


  • Puppy Obedience

    $280 for 6, 1 hour sessions taught over 6 weeks Vaccinations: Puppy needs to have their first 2 sets of puppy shots (1-2 round of DHPP/Parvo & 1 round of Bordetella) or your licensed vet's specific requirements. Focuses: socialization with other puppies/dogs and people, the Name Game, introduction to a leash, teething, puppy environment management, potty training, and the basic sit/down/leave it commands. 12 - 16 weeks old
  • Obedience Class

    $280 for 6, 1 hour sessions taught over 6 weeks Vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella - all must be current Focuses: Socialization with other dogs & people, Name recognition, Sit/Stay/Down/Wait commands, Leave it/Drop it/Take it commands, mannerly leash walking, come when called/mastering the recall, confidence building exercises. 20 weeks +
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No need to banish your best friend to the bedroom when guests arrive.

With good training you can trust your dog to respond reliably and predictably enhancing the bond and the cooperation between your dog, your family, and anyone else who comes into your dog’s life.

Busy Schedule?

No problem, you can board while you train!

Give us a call during operation hours at 281.890.9090 to make arrangements