January 3, 2023
Exercise with Your Dog

7 Effective Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

If you love spending quality time with your pup but want to stay active, there are totally some great ways to do that!
December 2, 2022
Keep Your Pets Hydrated

6 Quick Tips to Help Keep your Pets Hydrated

No matter the season, your pet will always need one thing in particular: to stay hydrated! We all know how important it is for us as humans to stay hydrated.
December 2, 2022
Pet Boarding Facility

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Pet Boarding Facility for your Pet

If you’re planning a trip but can’t bring your fur baby with you, what would be the best option? If you’re considering a pet boarding facility, like Prestonwood Kennels here in Houston.
November 8, 2022

8 Health Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

If you have ever sat and wondered why exactly you ought to drop the money that it costs to get your dog professionally groomed, then you have come to the right place.
November 8, 2022
Dog groomers

Why Regular Dog Grooming is Important

Grooming isn’t just about making your pooch look all pretty and smell fresh. There are several things about grooming that are related to their physical health!
October 5, 2022

Dog Grooming Tips: How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Fur

Part of the allure of any dog, no matter the breed, is their beautiful coat. Whether it’s curly, dreaded, silky smooth, or anything in between your dog’s coat is a huge part of their livelihood.
October 5, 2022

Types of Food That Can Make Your Pups Happier and Healthier

There are so many things you as a dog owner can do to keep your fur baby happy and healthy. You can book them a nice little vacation at Prestonwood Kennels, located here in Houston, for some pampering, and you can treat them to a healthy and nutritious diet!
September 5, 2022
dog daycare

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Doggy Daycare

We at Prestonwood Kennels would love to host your dog at our doggy daycare whenever you’re ready, so if you’re from the Houston area and want to spoil your pooch, come see us!
September 5, 2022

Dog Training Tips That Will Get Your Dog’s Attention

If you have any other training questions or want to set up a training time for your dog, reach out to us here at Prestonwood Kennels in Houston for more information!